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Founded by Heather Medlin in 2018, Ginkgo Vernacular was created to combine her passions for design, wellness, and sustainability into a full-time production.  Originally from Charlotte, NC, Heather earned her architecture degrees at the University of Virginia before spending the first six years of her career in healthcare architecture in Washington, DC and later Philadelphia, the city she now calls home.


Convinced that she could better serve others designing for her clients’ best days rather than their worst ones, Heather decided to launch her own practice focusing on the design and construction of smaller scale, everyday buildings in which people spend the majority of their time.  Guided by a belief that our environments strongly influence our actions and lifestyle choices, Heather aims to create spaces that support and encourage healthy, active lifestyles while positively impacting the communities around them.


As principal and lead architect at Ginkgo Vernacular, Heather works collaboratively with other talented designers, engineers, and local contractors to offer a comprehensive project delivery process from concept through completion.

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