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Logan Triangle Agridistrict

Presented at the Fast Forward Philly 2018 event, this proposal for a “tiny house agricultural village” on the long vacant Logan Triangle was originally ideated by Paul Glover, activist and founder of the Philadelphia Orchard Project, and developed along with a small team of other Philadelphia activists. 

A counter proposal to the apparently inappropriate big box store solution for the structurally unstable soil, this solution takes a stance for regenerative development and proposes a site to include a solar-powered tiny house community, living food forests, large scale aquaponic agriculture, site water recycling, and a stormwater plant nursery for the Philadelphia Water Department. By building lightly on the unstable ground, the site could be developed with little cost for ground stabilization while providing hundreds of units of affordable housing and high paying “green” jobs in local urban agriculture.

LOCATION  Logan, Philadelphia

TYPE  Community Planning

STATUS  Unbuilt

PROJECT AREA  40 acres


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