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Project T.H.R.I.V.E.

Designed by a multidisciplinary team to create “A House for Ron Rambo,” this project features an accessible, regenerative home and urban farm designed to be self-sustaining, adaptable and fully accessible for its primary occupant living with cerebral palsy. 

The home, once completed, will also serve as a living educational site demonstrating various accessibility and regenerative features such as Passive House construction, net positive energy, on-site water recycling, and self-sufficient small scale farming. The on-site greenhouse is designed to be handicap accessible and to provide enough food for both the house residents and sale at the Lancaster Farmer’s Market to provide additional income.

LOCATION  Lancaster, PA

TYPE  Residential New Construction

STATUS  In Progress

PROJECT AREA  10,320 gsf (site)

BUILDER  Longview Construction

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